Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greetings and Call for Papers

Greetings philosophers!
For any newcomers to U of M philosophy, welcome!
I'd like to announce that on Friday, September 11 there will be a student talk by one of our master's students, Daniel Rabinoff (me). The following week there will be a talk by one of our undergrads, Greg Glatz (day T.B.A).
This fall we're going to try to have a student talk every week, instead of just on the weeks with no guest speaker. And for the first time we'll be encouraging undergrads to give talks (thanks to Greg for stepping up to the plate).
Grad students, you know what's involved in a talk. I encourage you to give one! If you have an old paper lying around that you think is presentable, or you have a new-fangled idea you'd like to bounce off the department, turn it into a presentation.
Undergrads, if you'd like to present some ideas, if you think you've written or thought of something cool lately (for class or otherwise) I encourage you to present as well. We're not a scary bunch, really. If the task of presenting to veteran philosophers seems daunting, you have the option of limiting your audience to only other undergrads (or perhaps only students). If you'd like someone to look over your paper before you present it, we can find a graduate student who will be happy to do that (if none are found, I would be happy to).
If you'd like to book a day for a talk please e-mail (or talk to) one of the philosophy club executives:
Dan Rabinoff -
Wess Mcpherson -

Following the upcoming talk on the 11th there will be an informal meet&greet in the student offices. Everyone's welcome to come.

Also, just a reminder, toad night is every wednesday at the Toad in the Hole pub. People usually arrive around 10:30. Come have a philosophical good-time with beer. Come and find out what your profs REALLY think about things!(not all profs will be there, but some profs will)

For all of the above, tell your friends if they're philosophically inclined and interested.