Thursday, August 30, 2007



Welcome to the philosophy club blog. Hopefully everybody on the philosophy mailing-list can accept the invite sent out by Chelsey, which should give you authoring privileges.Feel free to post anything concerning upcoming events or news that people should know about.

There are a few things that should be mentioned right away:

(1) Weekly philosophy club meetings: Currently these take place Thursday nights at the Toad. Some folks have expressed interest in having the club-night moved to a different evening, an earlier time, and (perhaps) a different venue. Tentatively, John and I have been thinking that Wednesday evenings, starting anywhere from 6 pm on, would suit people better. If you think a different night, time, or venue would be more suitable, here is the place to let everybody know.

(2) Fall Invited Speakers: Please note the schedule posted by Chelsey (just follow the calendar link). There are many open Fridays, and we thought that it would be good to fill these up with student presentations or talks. If you are interested in giving a presentation or talk, then please choose an available Friday. Also, remember to check the calendar regularly for new events.

(3) Currently there is a big gap between the invited talks and the dinner/evening events, and we'd like to fill this time up with a reception. So, we are hoping that someone would like to volunteer to (i) reserve the senior common room (in UC) for the time between the end of the talk and dinner, and (ii) to get us all some punch and pie for those times.

Finally, make sure to check the blog often, as most of the information sent out via mass-email will likely be posted here as well.

If we've forgotten anything, let us know. Or just post it up.


John and Adam


Chelsey Booth said...

Just as a side note for all those who received an e-mail inviting them to become authors on this site, if you do not wish to contribute (or have the power of possibility to do so) and a moment arises where you want something to be posted (or even if you have accepted by don't want to post something yourself, perhaps your more comfortable being a voyeur or are just shy), please feel to e-mail me with what you'd like to have written and I'll post it anonymously. Yes, I will know who you are, but I promise to keep it a secret if you would like. And promise keeping is an imperative in my books :-)

As for other blog site stuff... if there are links you would like added, other people you think would benefit or like to be included as contributors, let me know. Also, if there are any discrepancies, like failing links, inaccurate dates or information on the calendar, etc. Please do let me know via e-mail.


Chelsey Booth said...

Hey John and Adam,

I can take care of (3)(i) tomorrow if ya' like or if no one has already.

Jason Christie said...

If we are changing the time/day/venue of club night, perhaps we should see which seminar most of us are taking/sitting in on, and then arranging club night directly afterwards. Going straight from class to beer is, IMO, a good thing.

Anonymous said...

That would be great Chelsey. I'm not sure if we can make the arrangements once for the year, or if it's something that needs to be done for each event individually. But at any rate, you could post your findings here. I'll get on punch and pie unless someone else volunteers.

To have club night on the evening of the busiest seminars seems like a good idea, but I also think we should consider the interests of those who teach/TA/have class at early times on certain weekday mornings. Jaggermeister makes philosophy easier at night, but harder in the morning, I guess. I think that this was part of the push for a move to Wednesday nights.

Chelsey Booth said...

What times do you want it booked for?