Monday, October 8, 2007

WAG Talk

Here's the scoop I went to the WAG yesterday, because they have some Renaissance panels on display that I have been meaning to see for quite some time. Very exciting! If you have not seen them, you must! Anyhow, I was not aware that there is also a big Warhol exhibit going on (yes, I live under a rock and don't pay attention to what's happening in the Peg, nor am I a big fan of Warhol...). But as part of the exhibit there are a number of talks taking place at the WAG. One of the listings caught my eye and I thought that other philosopher folk might be interested, in particular those taking aesthetics. Here's the write-up on it from the glossy brochure (you can also see it if you follow the appropriate links on the website):

Arthur Danto and Robert Enright
Thursday, October 18, 7pm
Arthur C. Danto, distinguished critic, philosopher, and author of Beyond the Brillo Box, is one of the most influential writers on contemporary art. He has been a most astute observer of Warhol's important influence on reconfiguring the way we view art in the postmodern period. He will engage in a conversation with art critic Robert Enright on the continuing significance of Warhol's art and life.

If your wondering who Danto is:

Now I don't know if the two guys are just going to blather about Warhol and his work. But, I am hoping that Danto will at least say something interesting and philosophically relevant about conceptual art... if not, then you can at least check out the panels...


Chelsey Booth said...

Also here is the entry from SEP on Conceptual Art in which Danto is cited:

There is also a schwack of his papers on the philosopher's index, if your interested in some additional reading.

Brendan Ritchie said...

he is, like, REALLY famous.

NMC said...

From one of Kant's last journal entries: "Visited by young American, Danto I believe the name was. We talked about art."

All I'm saying is, the dude's OLD.

John Dyck said...

That sounds really awesome. I'm definitely going to hit that up. Thanks for the info, Chelsey.