Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lunch with job candidate

Our department is hiring this term, so there are a few job candidates coming here to give job talks as part of the interview process. The first of them is Dr Esa Diaz Leon from the University of Sheffield, who's here next Monday.

The department has arranged for a few students to go out for lunch with her at Degree's before her talk on Monday (the talk's at 2.30, lunch will be around 12.15), so all students are welcome to come out to lunch. This is a good opportunity to meet the job candidate. Plus, the first three students to reply will have their lunch paid for. If you can (and will) go, just comment on the post to reply.


Justin D said...

I'm in if you'll have me.
Justin Dallmann

John Dyck said...
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John Dyck said...

you know i'll have you justin.

any other takers?

Dan said...

Can I be had by Dyck too?
I mean, I'd like to come!