Friday, February 8, 2008

Resuming Phil Fridays

Hello all,

Since the hiring is at least temporarily over, it seems like a good time to resume the Phil Fridays sponsored by the Philosophy Club, beginning next Friday. (Although spring break is the week after, so the next one won't be until two weeks after that.)

People who haven't given talks yet this year (Adam, Binhan, Chelsey, Jason C, Justins D and W, etc etc - we'll call these people 'Future Talkers') are given priority over those who have. Future Talkers need to become Past Talkers as soon as possible. If you are a member of the set containing Future Talkers, and you can give a talk as quickly as next Friday, please respond before Monday morning.

I think Wes has already volunteered to give another talk. So, Wes, if no Future Talkers volunteer before Monday morning, perhaps you'd be willing to give a talk?

As for snacks and such afterwards: we sorta ran out of beer money due to the great success of Fall Term Phil Fridays. So we're going to start a beer fund for the remaining Fridays. If you can, pitch in for beer money and bring something like five bucks to Phil Fridays. Usually beer and chips comes to $50 for every Phil Friday, so we only need ten people giving 5 bucks. If you're feeling generous and want to give more than five bucks, that's cool too. Or if you want to donate the whole $50 and sponsor beer for a talk, that'd be even better.


John Dyck said...

For those who give more than five bucks, I'm going to get some crayons and construction paper and start a "Generous Donation" plaque on the office wall to list names under relevant sections. There will be the "Gave Minimally More than Required" section for 6-10 dollar donations, the "Pretty Good Givers" section for 10-49 dollars, the "Sponsoring Our Alcoholism" section for 50 dollars, and the "Holy Shit" section for anything over 50.

Justin D said...

I would be glad to present next Friday. I have two candidate papers, (1) one fun paper on what counts as a language (or, rather, on what languages could not be) and (2) a super fun paper on a paradox of probability theory. Presenting either would be enjoyable, but it would be great to have a majority of people who will also enjoy the paper presented (or at least a majority of people who would enjoy criticizing it). To settle the matter I would like to suggest a decision by vote via the blog or email. That way I can decide on the basis of the vote by Wednesday morning.

Justin D said...

Oh, and if anyone is interested I'm playing a show at the Albert tonight (after 11 some time). All are welcome, cover and beer will be cheap.

Wes McPherson said...

I'm super keen to give my talk. Totally keen. I'll put up the $50 for that one, no problem.

I am an ardent supported of pedagogy and alcoholism.