Tuesday, January 18, 2011


IHS Summer Seminars for Philosophy Students
Dear Student Coordinator,

We invite your students to attend our Summer Seminars on the ideas of liberty. We offer 12 seminars that touch on philosophical ideas and approaches as part of an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes topics in law, history, and economics.

Our seminars are designed for students of all levels, from undergraduates starting a philosophy major, to rising juniors and seniors planning their careers, to graduate students involved with academic research.

These seminars may be of particular interest to your students:

Exploring Liberty: Where do rights come from? An introduction to the foundations of a free society - philosophical, economic, and historical.

Morality, Capitalism, & Freedom: A moral and philosophical look at the free market system.

Liberty & Society: The ideas of Hayek, Mises, and Adam Smith and topics such as competing ideas of justice and the role of the state.

Scholarship & a Free Society: The classical liberal tradition as a paradigm for graduate research. Featuring philosopher David Schmidtz of the University of Arizona.

Students can look forward to an informative and fun week spent with peers committed to learning. A typical seminar day includes lectures, discussion groups, free time in the afternoon, and a nightly reception. Professors are available throughout the seminars to answer questions.

All students receive a full scholarship covering lodging, meals, and materials. The seminars take place on college campuses throughout the United States, from late May to late July. View the Seminar Schedule.

Many students tell us they learn about the seminars from their departments. Please share this opportunity with your students. Our program flyers for bulletin boards and distribution (featured on the right) are available in PDF format.

Discuss Liberty

Graduate Student Seminar

List of Seminars

I appreciate your help and hope to see your students this summer.



Keri Anderson
Student Coordinator
Institute for Humane Studies


Institute for Humane Studies - 3301 N Fairfax Drive, Suite 440 - Arlington, VA 22201-4432

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