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IHS Summer Seminars on Liberty - Current Issues & Careers

IHS Summer Seminars on Liberty - Current Issues & Careers
Dear Student Coordinator,

There are three weeks left for students to apply to our Summer Seminars on liberty. We offer 12 weeklong seminars that explore ideas such as free expression and equality under the law and how these ideas apply to topics in history, philosophy, law, and economics.

Our topical seminars focus on political and economic theories such as the invisible hand and their relationship to current issues, including immigration and the size of government. The Exploring Liberty seminar examines the foundations of a free society, while the Liberty & Society seminar delves into the ideas of thinkers such as F.A. Hayek and John Locke.

The career-oriented seminars explain how classical liberal insights apply to careers in public policy, journalism, and academia. The Journalism & a Free Society seminar features acclaimed journalists such as the senior editor of Reason Magazine. Liberty & Leviathan analyzes non-governmental solutions to current policy issues. For future academics, I recommend the research workshop, Scholarship & a Free Society.

View the seminar schedule.

Students can get a preview of seminar lectures by watching full length talks at our new beta lecture site Many videos feature professors on our seminar faculty.

There is no cost to attend. Participants only cover their travel to one of the college campus locations throughout the United States.

Students who apply by March 15 are eligible to receive a free book such as The Law or Economics in One Lesson. The final application deadline is March 31.

Please tell your students about the Summer Seminars.

More information is at
Download our three program flyers.
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I appreciate your help.



Keri Anderson
Student Coordinator
Institute for Humane Studies
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