Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hi everyone. The department needs the help of anyone creative, artistic, or otherwise innovative in re-designing our booth for next year's Evening of Excellence. As you may know, the Evening is a chance for high school students to come and learn about the various departments and schools. Other departments set up booths that include gimmicks such as baking and other snacks, snazzy art, little toy teeth (guess which school), power point presentations, and videos. (This year we had... pamphlets.) We are looking both for great ideas and for people with the wherewithal to make ideas come true. Keep in mind the audience -- sixteen-year-olds with no knowledge of philosophy (so no in-jokes that only we would find funny) -- and the only restriction is that the displays must be silent. I also assume the university would frown on any displays of full-frontal nudity. So with those caveats, feel free to bring your ideas, sketches, mock-ups and home-made short movies to me, Laurie or Carl, or just talk to us about anything that you think might work.

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