Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The University of Minnesota Undergraduate Journal: Call for Papers

Hi all:

I thought I would pass on this message from Laurie-

We are the University of Minnesota Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy; an expanding journal recognizing the great work being done by undergraduates in philosophy. Over 100 copies of our previous issues have been sent to university departments around the country, as well as the Library of Congress.
We are seeking insightful, original work by undergraduate philosophers for our third issue. In this issue we are looking to reach out to and develop a global community of undergraduate philosophers.
Take this opportunity to be published while you are an undergraduate, to share your unique philosophical perspective with our readers and to preserve your work forevermore in academic journal collections.
For more information about our journal, please visit our website at

Deadline: January 15, 2008
Submit to
2500 – 8000 words; optional 500 word abstract
Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. (Footnotes & Bibliography)

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