Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Call for Papers: Corvus (Undergraduate Journal)

Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy Call for Submissions
Deadline: January 6 2011

Corvus requests that contributors comply with the following standards:
1.     Eligibility and Topics:  Essays on all aspects of philosophy, including its history, will be considered.  Current undergraduates and graduates from 2010-2011 may submit, but the papers must have been written while authors were undergraduates.   Submissions by non-philosophy majors are acceptable.  Those with clear spelling and/or grammatical errors will be immediately rejected.  Papers should have received a grade of at least A-.  Due to refereeing restrictions, all submissions must be written in English. Opportunities for submission are extended to students of all Canadian philosophy departments.
2.         Submission Format: There is no limit on the length of a paper, but shorter papers are preferred.  Corvus will give preference to submissions under 4000 words.  Papers exceeding this length must be concisely argued.  There is no lower limit to the word count, but a paper should be long enough to prove its point thoroughly.  Essays should be typed, double spaced, start with a 150-word abstract (not included in the word count) with a set of keywords describing the topic(s) of the paper.  Submissions should be prepared for anonymous refereeing, with revealing acknowledgements and self identifying references removed: please confine your name, university affiliation, a short (50 word max.) academic biography, primary contact information, and acknowledgments, to a cover sheet sent as a separate attachment.
3.     Citation Format:  Essays must conform to MLA formatting standards.
4.    Electronic Submissions:  Submit an electronic copy of your essay to in Microsoft Word compatibility (.doc) format.  You are not required to submit a hardcopy of your essay.

5.     Contact Info:  Questions can be directed to

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