Monday, December 12, 2011

Arts Travel Award

To Graduate Students:

The Faculty of Arts is holding an extra competition for the Graduate Student
Conference Travel Award this year. The deadline (in Arts) to submit an application
will be 20 Jan 2012 in support of conference travel completed before the end
of March 2012 (including travel already completed at the time of
application, that meets the criteria). NOTE: Students that have already
received funding from the April 2011 or Nov 2011 competition are not
eligible to apply)

*Note that the department deadline will be 4:30 p.m. on January 17th.

Policy/Procedures are consistent with the regular program as follows:


2. No student will be funded more than once in the year.

3. The maximum allocation will be $350.

4. To be eligible for a travel award, a student must be:

a. Enrolled full-time in a graduate program in the Faculty of Arts, and

b. Presenting a paper, or have another significant role, at an academic


Application is to be made in writing to the Associate Dean and must include:

1. An estimate of expenses, and

2. A statement from the Department Head (or designate) indicating that:

a. The opportunity to participate in the conference would further the
academic credentials of the student,

b. The student is academically deserving, and

c. The Department will match any funding provided by the Dean, at a
ratio of at least 1 to 4.

d. Rank ordering the application from the department

3. Written confirmation that paper/poster has been accepted for

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