Monday, September 10, 2007

Toad Night and Student Presentation Schedule

I'm sure that by now everyone is aware of this, but I thought an official notice would be a good idea. The philosophy club now meets on Wednesday evenings, starting anywhere from 6pm on, at the Toad in the Hole pub. Hopefully everybody can make it out to that.

Also, I've received a couple of emails from other students wondering about the Philosophical Fridays speaker program and schedule. As I understand it, any Friday that is currently free (please see the calendar link) is available for student presentations (student presentations scheduled a long time in advance might have to be bumped a week here or there, if it happens that a new invited speaker is added to the current schedule).

So, again, if you are interested in doing something, then please choose a Friday and let everyone know by posting it up here (or let Chelsey or myself know about it, and we can add it to the calendar and make it known to others).



Wes McPherson said...

As I've expressed, I'd be interested in presenting a paper I have on Wilfrid Sellars. I have to work this Friday, but I'd be happy to take any Friday after that.

Chelsey Booth said...

Hey Wes,

Friday the 21st, of September (not this Friday, but the next ...) is open if you want it. Sound good?

And Adam,

Have you booked a room for the student speaker phil. Fridays?

Wes McPherson said...


The 21st works. What time? Which place? And how should I distribute the paper? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I can find out about reserving a room for the student presentations today. One of the larger UC classrooms will do right?

Could Wes's paper be mass-emailed to the philosophy club?

Chelsey Booth said...

But of course they can! With one quick click of the mouse! Ahhhh, those mice... And yes, I think one of the large classrooms would do quite nicely. Are they going to start at the same time as the non-student ones? Around 2:30 p.m.ish?

Wes McPherson said...

When should I email the paper (to one of you?) for circulation? It's pretty much good to go, I'd just would like a day or two more to go over it.

Chris Tillman said...

All Phil Fri events are at 2:30 in UC 386. We have the room at that time for the year I believe.

Wes McPherson said...

UC is the university college and not the university centre I take it? Does this room have white boards or black boards, and where would I be able to acquire the proper writing / erasing instruments?