Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Department Council Student Committees

Hey all.

Laurie has asked me to organize the student component of the department council. There are five committees requiring student representation: Appeals, Vetting, Enrollment, Visiting Speakers, Undergrad Courses/Program Changes.

The final committee requires two student representatives, for a total of six. Three of these need to be graduate students, and three undergrad. The president and vice president of the philosophy club fill two of these. Anyone who served on a committee last year is more than welcome to continue, since no student committee met last year.

There's a short meeting this Friday at 2:30, in the University College PDR. If you'd like to participate, could you please respond to this post.

Thanks a lot.

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Chelsey Booth said...

I've already told Laurie that I would volunteer for one of the grad student spots.