Monday, September 29, 2008

Speaker Schedule Update Update

September 19: Scott Forschler (ethics), Northland CTC
October 3: Chris Tillman (metaphysics), U of M
October 17: Esa Diaz-Leon (mind), U of M
November 7: Tom Hurka (ethics), U of T
November 21: Derek Brown (mind/metaphysics), U of B

Some other time in the fall: Carl

January 16: Jessica Wilson (metaphysics), U of T
First week of February: Paul Churchland (mind/phil science), UCSD
February 13: Esa Diaz-Leon (feminist philosophy), U of M
March 6: Joe Levine (mind), UMass
March 13: Jeremy Fantl (ethics/epistemology), U of Calgary
March 20: Rob Shaver (ethics), U of M
March 27: Dave Davies (philosophy of art), McGill

Some other times in the winter: Dimitrios, Neil.

Patricia Churchland will be delivering two talks in the first week of February as part of the Connor Lecture Series!

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